You’ve changed – butterflies in my logo

I came across this picture recently.  Just love it.  It captures the exact reason why I chose to include butterflies in my company logo. 

You’ve changed … we are meant to

Life is a journey.  We are forever moving forward.  None of us can rewind a moment, day, event or time.  As we experience life we gather life experiences.

The butterfly starts its life as a caterpillar, makes a cacoon and going through significant change transforms into a butterfly.  It can never go back to being a caterpillar … it evolves, moving forward never able to regress to what it once was.

We humans gather life experiences and wisdom as we grow.  Change is constant.  Our looks and appearance changes as we grow up, our address changes as we go off to uni, start a job, move cities or countries. 

Some people come into our lives and stay forever, some don’t stay for very long at all. But the lessons they teach you stay forever, whatever change looks like in your life.

We move out of home … and sometimes we move back home.  We get married, have kids – which creates it’s own bucket of learning.  Sadly some of us get divorced but as I celebrate so many second weddings you can see the wisdom the couple brings to that new commitment with the partner they are supposed to be with. 

Creating renewal of vow ceremonies with couples who are celebrating 5, 10, 15 years of marriage … it is a joy to join in their conversations about how their love and understanding of each other has deepened over the years.

We are suppose to learn as we live each day.  We are suppose to grow, develop and change through our experiences.

You’ve changed … we are meant to.