What words can we have in our ceremony?
How do I choose a celebrant?

Read on for answers to common questions from couples planning a wedding.

Can our ceremony have our own words in it?

Absolutely yes!
There is a tiny piece that is needed to make it all legal, but the rest is open to your heart and your imagination.

Some celebrants have their own ceremony scripts but I develop bespoke ceremonies for each couple. The ceremony words could be all your own, or I can write it all for you, or anywhere in between. I write as little or as much as you like.

Furthermore, I am happy to include traditional, religious or non-religious rituals into the ceremony, such as hand tying or candle lighting.

How much does a wedding celebrant cost?

Prices vary considerably among celebrants. Please call me and I’ll be happy to discuss my price – without any sales pressure.

For more discussion on marriage celebrant costs see my post here.

What should I look for in a marriage celebrant?

Me, of course!

But seriously, one of the most important things when looking for a celebrant is finding someone who is the right fit. Some celebrants do basic ceremonies without any customisation, others are very outgoing and are the centre of attention. I offer the confidence and experience to run the ceremony in keeping with your personalities and the feel of your wedding.

Other factors to consider include how accessible your celebrant is; if they will accommodate rituals or your personal requests; how many meetings they allow.

Give me a call, I’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.