Becoming a marriage celebrant – what inspired me and why that’s great for you

I loved my wedding day.  The warmth and joy surrounding my partner and I was truly wonderful.  The venue and location were exactly what we wanted, the colour scheme was just as I pictured it, the food at our reception was delicious and our photos are magnificent. 

The ceremony wasn’t too long or too short, it included readings and music, it went too fast and as a memory it certainly makes me smile, but it didn’t celebrate us. The process of putting together our wedding words was not a joyful one.   It didn’t bring us together as a couple, we were not encouraged to explore what parts of the ceremony we actually wanted, and it didn’t include any words about our journey together. We just chose some words from examples given and we wrote our vows. 

In the lead up to our wedding day I had a feeling of what I wanted for our ceremony but did not have the words or know the right questions to ask to bring any unique elements or symbols into our ceremony.

Stepping out of my fulltime executive role to have our first baby, I decided to study to become a celebrant.  My drive was to work with couples not only to complete the legal documents but to create their ceremony that celebrated their unique love story. 

I knew my experience in listening, questioning and presentation skills perfected throughout my career in human resources, event management and administration roles I could help couples create the ceremony they dreamed of. Taking time to chat to couples about their journey to understand what was important to them.  I could then write a ceremony weaving in the couples own unique love story – not just stating what the world defines love to be but what the love for each other means to them.

A great celebrant can reflect your relationship in your ceremony working with your theme and overall vibe of your wedding day.  I love working with couples to understand the story that bought them together.  Then writing the script around that journey from ‘when I first saw him/her’ to ‘I knew I loved her when’ and ‘he proposed while we were …’. 

Over the years I have found a lot of couples want some sort of traditional element in their ceremony and that is ok as well.  Again by my questioning techniques I really get to understand the thoughts going around in your head, give you the courage to ask for what you want and work with you to create your ceremony.

As an authorised marriage celebrant, I want couples to reflect on their ceremony loving the way their story was told and celebrated.  I want couples to listen with enjoyment to the retelling of their story. Understanding and writing your ceremony, creating a lifelong memory is what makes me tick.  It excites me to have your guests walk away smiling knowing they have heard and witnessed your love story, your journey as a couple. It is truly an honour to be present at such a special moment in your lifetime.

I love celebrating, I love being part of  your significant life event … but I especially love when my couple’s say to me “Nadine the ceremony told our story, it captured us and that is exactly what we wanted – thank you”.